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Chana Masala Sattu

Sattu ( Chickpea Sattu high fibre and protien)

Chana Dal Besan

Chakki Fresh Atta

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Dhaniya Powder

Mix Masala Powder

Haldi Powder

Gol Mirch Powder

Lal Mirch Powder

Mandar Hill Makhana (Super Premium Gold)

Mandar Hill

Customers Reviews

Last time I eat sattu it was 15 years ago. Lately a friend said sattu has high protein content so good for gym goers plus its easy to make. The taste is as authentic as the one I had 15 years ago. Just add water with sugar or salt as you like and eat. I use sugar free Sucralose.
Ash(Amazon Purchase)
I was eagerly waiting for sattu to arrive. I had always brought sattu from my home town in Bihar and used it. But because of current situation I couldn't do the same. So then I searched on amazon and after seeing many products I ordered this. But I was waiting to see how is the product. And when I received it. And I made sattu sarbat with salt, lemon, few other ingredients. And the moment I received it I felt awesome. As it had authentic taste. Thank you for this product. The best part was my 20 month son also loved it.
Mayank Kumar (Amazon Purchase)
Shri Gulab Sattu is very good in flavour.. the texture.. my dietician suggested me to mix it with wheat flour for fibre enrichment and adding nutritional value. So I ordered it and it is value for money product. And I have ordered 2 packets and will order more. Excellent product.
Jass Kaur(Amazon Purchase)